Carl Thomson Photography: Blog en-us (C) Carl Thomson Photography (Carl Thomson Photography) Tue, 13 Oct 2020 16:52:00 GMT Tue, 13 Oct 2020 16:52:00 GMT Carl Thomson Photography: Blog 88 120 GSF Fashion Awards at the Carlton Hotel, Cannes What an exciting night at The Carlton Hotel, Cannes for the GSF Fashion Awards in Cannes on the French Riviera.

Seeing the stunning models in designer clothing from the likes of Gina Frias, Rock Star Designer WearAtelier Dumebi and Sarene Fu.

For all your event photography needs in Cannes and the rest of the French Riviera in the South of France just contact us here to make an enquiry

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Family Photo Shoot on The French Riviera, Cannes It's a priveladge to live in such a beautiful part of the world and being able photograph family shoots in these idialic locations gives my clients such stunning memories to cherish for ever.

I shot these images on a summer evening on the beach in Cannes, La Bocca with gorgeous Cindy and her daughter Laural. 

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Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot on The French Riviera Investing in a pre-wedding shoot is a great way to get beautiful images of you and your partner not too long before the wedding. It can also be beneficial to give you some quality time with your photographer before the big day.

Here you can see beautiful images of Amélie and David enjoying the beauty of the French Riviera for their pre-wedding photo shoot.

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Riviera Pre-Wedding Photography Shoot Riviera Pre-Wedding Photography Shoot Riviera Pre-Wedding Photography Shoot Riviera Pre-Wedding Photography Shoot Riviera Pre-Wedding Photography Shoot Riviera Pre-Wedding Photography Shoot Riviera Pre-Wedding Photography Shoot

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Location Fashion Shoot with Actress Chiara D'Anna

I saw a film in the cinema a while back called The Duke Of Burgundy directed by Peter Strickland. I was completely blown away by it and especially by one of the lead actresses Chiara D'Anna.

I decided to see if I could get in contact with her, I thought she'd be a wonderful model to photograph. Chiara's Italian but turned out she was based in London not too far away from me. I was lucky enough to get in contact with her and she agreed to meet me for a coffee in South Kensington to discuss my shoot ideas. 

It's a surreal experience seeing someone in a film you love and then to have them meet you for coffee. Chiara was a delight to talk to was happy to go ahead with the shoot I'd proposed to her.

The shoot was to take place at two locations, the first Greatstone Beach in Kent and the second at Unicorn Restorations near Redhill in Surrey. Greatstone is an enormous beach but quite out of the way so you feel you have this huge expanse of sand leading to the sea just for yourself. Unicorn Restorations restores old red phone boxes and has a yard full of them in all sorts of levels of decay to provide a fantastic backdrop for the second half of our shoot.

Creative assistant Bryony Eida and model Chiara D'Anna get prepared on Greatstone Beach

This shoot was about creating images that the viewer won't just flick past on social media but delivering something that's beautiful and a little different. I knew I wanted Chiara in a black dress with white polka dots, right from the beginning it was a must have. I bought the dress from Vivien Of Holloway, I also borrowed dresses from Oh My Honey and Dig For Victory. Once I had all the dresses I popped over to Chiara's place to see what worked and what need altering. Chiara's a very petite woman and the polka dot dress needed taking up a bit for it to look right. For these types of shoot I can't recommend enough checking that clothes definitely fit your model the way you want pre shoot. You'll only end up regretting it on the day if your fighting with clothing that's not looking how you want it.

I don't recall where the idea for the vintage leather chair came from but that again was a must have. I came across it when I was having a beer at a pub in Reigate. I approached the manager and said any chance I can borrow that chair for 24 hours? I'll give you a print for your wall from the shoot. He said yes of course and the chair was sorted and fitted perfectly in my car(just).


My creative assistant Bryony Eida came up with the idea for the bowler hat which she pinched off her father. It looks fantastic and works really well with the make up. The disco ball is super cool and worked so well out of context like the chair in contrast to where you'd usually see one. 

The first make up look was a kind of clown/French mime theme I'd come across on Pinterest. The eyes with the long lines going down the face I was very specific about. I like to sit with the models when they have make up put on for personal shoots like this. It's a good time to have a chat and if there are any issues with the make up you can step in say if you'd like any changes. The second make up look was more modest and melancholy. Sophie Bauer the make up artist did a fantastic job.

It's amazing how fast the time goes on a shoot like this compared to how much time your actually taking photos for. The travel alone was around four hours altogether. We only had two hours on the beach to make sure we got back in time for the shoot at Unicorn Restoration where we only shooting for an hour. We started at 8am and were finished by 6pm.

I'd been worried all week that the weather would turn bad on us, when we drove towards Kent the sky was overcast, as we approached Greatstone the sky cleared and then it was blue sky all the way. One thing I hadn't factored in was quite how windy it would be which actually worked in our favour. In one shot the scarf gets caught so perfectly by the wind it looks like it was super imposed into the shot.

Chiara was superb fun to work with and very beautiful, it's a brave move to get involved with something like this and trust that the photographer is going to deliver something worthwhile. We chatted a lot about movies. Finding out from her about working on film sets was fascinating. 

Putting all the different elements together on the beach to see them come together and begin shooting knowing you've got something special is a great feeling. I like pictures that you can't put a particular date on, a timeless quality I guess. I finished the beach shoot with a beautiful dress lent to us by Oh My Honey, the colours pop almost jumping out the picture at you.


Onto Unicorn Restorations for our second location, it's a mildly haunting place walking around all these identical deteriorating relics from a time gone by. The dress lent to us from Dig For Victory worked so well against the green of unkept grass and the red of the telephone boxes creating striking pictures. We used the vintage arm chair again too. The golden smooth yellow/brown of the leather providing a contrasting texture to phone boxes around it.

Finally back to my place for a glass of Prosecco to celebrate the days work!

"It was such a great experience to be photographed by Carl! Besides being -by far- the best pictures I have ever had, the overall process was great. From meeting Carl and talking about his ideas to the actual shooting. Carl picked two extraordinary locations and had in his mind the whole 'concept' and aesthetic of the photo shooting including make-up, dresses, props (even an armchair that he found and borrowed from a pub!). I just had to turn up and listen to Carl's directions. It was playful and fun! It was brilliant to play with these 'bizarre' characters that Carl had in mind. I particularly enjoyed the shoot on the beach for the freedom it gave us and the incredible beauty that surrounded us. 
The second half of the shooting was far more challenging for me because I'm a terrible model! I'm really bad at posing and I get always very nervous when there is a lens pointing at me : I need to hide behind 'bigger-than -life" characters to cope with the pressure: I find the camera extremely intimidating. My face starts to tense and it feels like the 'real' me is not available anymore..(I guess lots of people including lots of actors and actresses experience the same!). But in this occasion -as challenging as it might have been -  I still had fun because Carl is brilliant in making you feel at ease: he's funny, ironic and fundamentally he's a bloody awesome photographer! Again the location was really inspiring and the whole aesthetic was beautiful. I wish I had been a bit more generous with ideas and responsive to Carl's input. 
Overall GREAT! Thank you so much!" - CHIARA  

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I am now based in Cannes, France in the heart of the French Riviera, if you'd like to book a shoot then please contact me here    

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Romantic Couples Photo Shoot by the Eiffel Tower in Paris

I’ve been wanting to do a couples shoot on the Palais de Chaillot over looking the Eiffel Tower for many years and last December that dream became a reality.

I was lucky enough to have a beautiful French couple to photograph, Franck and Nathalie from Bordeaux. They were visiting family in Paris for Christmas and were keen to get some photos taken in this iconic spot over looking the Eiffel Tower. 

The day before we met to decide on what clothes they should wear. For a couples shoot in this location it was important for me to stylise it and give the couple a look to which you wouldn’t know if the picture was taken fifty years ago or today. 

Nathalie wore a knee length black dress and with black high heels. Franck wore black trousers, shoes and dark blue coat with collar.

Getting the light I wanted meant we’d need to be at the Palais de Chaillot just before sunrise  when the temperature would be a chilly -1C. There wouldn’t be many people at this time meaning I could give the images the feel of the couple having the location to themselves. The sun comes up pretty quick so we'd need to work fast.

I wasn’t going to be shooting any close ups and any I did get wouldn’t be that well lit but it was still important to get there hair and makeup done even though it was a less important detail that usual. Nathalie has fairly short hair which is easy to manage and my assistant had a brush on hand should Nathalie get a little wind swept.

Franck and Nathalie were great models. My French isn’t that good so my assistant did need to translate at some points but ultimately we all got the results we wanted from our early morning Parisian photo shoot.

For all enquires please contact me here

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For all enquires please contact me here

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Royal Air Force Summer Wedding at Long Crendon Manor Mel and Ian had a super beautiful wedding at Long Crendon Manor. Despite the wedding taking place in October the weather felt like mid-summer.

The ceremony was held at St Mary's church in Long Crendon which is the other end of the high street to the manor.

Mel got ready at the manor and had a Rolls Royce drop her to the church. Ian's in the Royal Air Force and his work colleagues were dressed in the their RAF uniforms with swords drawn for the brides entrance.

After a beautiful service the entire wedding party walked the length of Long Crendon high street with drinks served and bagpipes playing, it was a unique experience which set the mood for the rest of the day to come. 

I photographed the group shots in the courtyard of Long Crendon Manor followed by shots of the bride and groom, we made our way through the main building and down the red carpet towards the marque for drinks at the bar before the cake cut, some wonderful speeches and an epic wedding breakfast.

The evening was whole lotta fun from live music to silent disco. It was a pleasure to be there and a great time was had by all!

"Carl is an amazing photographer with such an eye for detail and getting THE amazing shot - although in our case he managed to get 100s of these and we’re still trying to choose which to print. Carl took his time with us and even visited us before the day as we had a walk from the church to the venue with a surprise Piper and Drummer en route - he wanted to walk the route and make sure he knew what was happening. He helped with our planning warning us that we hadn’t factored in enough time for things - he was right! 
To the brides; the morning of your wedding is stressful, you’re nervous and trying to remain calm, talk to relatives and make sure everyone’s happy. People are asking you questions, wanting to know details and all you want to do is make sure your make up and hair is ok. Then Carl arrives, ‘Morning Mel, you’re not stressed are you? It’ll be an awesome day, relax’, and I did. He left me be and played around with my dress and shoes taking fabulous shots. When I was ready and had my face and dress on he checked I was ok and we started photos with me and my bridesmaids. He directed us in places and light that I’d not even noticed. 
Overall we couldn’t recommend Carl enough, funny, relaxed but highly professional with a huge talent. Thanks Carl!"

Mel McRobbie-Smith

Here's a list of all the suppliers for Mel & Ian's Wedding 

Dress - Suzanne Neville
Bought at Ellie Sanderson. 
Shoes - Jimmy Choo bought at Bicester Village 
Flowers by Velvet Brown, Long Crendon. 
Marquee by Joseph Benjamin Marquees. 
Catering by Hibiscus. 
Cake by Little Flower Cakes, in Thame, they provided the cake stand too - last minute when we realised we didn’t have one! 
Band - Wired Band
Silent Disco - Silent Disco Direct. 
Dads suit, Forgaty in Leighton Buzzard


I'm based in the South of France on the French Riviera predominantly covering weddings in Cannes, Nice and Monaco. I do work internationally for destination weddings and often shoot weddings in the UK too.

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Wedding Photography Cissbury Barnes

Starting the day off at Brighton's Hilton Metropole, I had a blast with Corrinne and her bridesmaids as they got ready in relaxed fashion. Corrinne had chosen a really lovely natural light dress which was made up of hundreds of layers of the finest chiffon which she said made her feel like a Greek Goddess. She certainly looked like one.

After getting ready, we hit the limo to make our way to the main event at Cissbury Barns. Corrinne and Kevi had got married legally the day before and for their main ceremony with friends they'd decided to have a celebrant. That celebrant was Claire Bradford, a really lovely lady who gave the most beautiful reading for Corrinne & Kevi.

Following on from the ceremony I photographed the most beautiful confetti tunnel and as the happy couple walked through the shower of confetti Kevi grabbed Corrinne and gave her one hell of a kiss that was a magical moment. 

Then the party really got started! I find weddings usually begin with a slow build throughout the day to the party in the evening when people hit the dance floor. In the case of Corrinne and Kevi's wedding the party accelerator was held firmly against the floor from just after the ceremony when drag act The Drag with No Name made her entrance to the garden and created one hell of an atmosphere with a hilarious performance that got the party cranked up to the max.

Speeches were emotional and beautiful, Corrinne's friend Travis( the final speech. She delivered a self composed/written song with bridesmaids Georgia and Liz. It was a wedding experience I'll never forget.

The light was perfect for a summer wedding and following the wedding breakfast I hit the stunning grounds surrounding Cissbury Barns with the bride and groom to photograph these two fantastic people in the setting sun and I couldn't be happier with the images.

The evening ticked all the boxes of what you'd want from a wedding with all involved having just the best time and it was a pleasure to be a part of it all. Corrinne's little surprise with the first dance hit the spot :-)

"Carl was really good to work with because he had lots of really fantastic ideas. The cool thing about actually working with Carl was that he played it by ear throughout the day so we got as many of my list of photos done as possible. He mentioned to me beforehand what to expect from the day which was pretty much spot on. When we got to the day he pre-assessed the venue and found some really nice areas where we could do some nice sunset photos. During the day the group shots were really fun and they were really easy, Carl assembled everyone quickly and was really lovely to everybody and really charming to all involved."

"The pictures came out beautifully. The styling that Carl puts on his images make the quality look beyond any I've ever seen from any other wedding photographer. I've always really admired Carl's work, I've followed him for a long time on Instagram and social media. I actually believe my pictures for my wedding came out better than all the pictures I've seen. It maybe that they're genuinely nicer but personally I think it's because Carl has a really great way of being able to tune in to exactly what it is that you're thinking and what you're feeling and you need and the vibe that you want and how you want your images to come out. He homes in on that and really does capture the moment perfectly inspired by your own thoughts and feelings, he basically captures the day the way you want it. The images came out beautifully, take a look for yourself."

Corrinne Knowlson

Corrinne is a professional singer and has recently released a brilliant cover of From Russia With Love, check out the video here. You can view Corrinne's website here

My available dates for 2019 are now limited so please get touch sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment.

I'm based in the South of France on the French Riviera predominantly covering weddings in Cannes, Nice and Monaco. I do work internationally for destination weddings and often shoot weddings in the UK too.

For all enquires please contact me here

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I'm based in the South of France on the French Riviera predominantly covering weddings in Cannes, Nice and Monaco. I do work internationally and often shoot weddings in the UK.

For all enquires please contact me here

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Wedding Photographer, Richmond, London Jay & Mai got married at The Richmond Hill Hotel in Richmond, London.

Mai looked absolutely stunning in her wedding dress, her hair and makeup was done by the awesome Tamara from London Wedding Makeup & Hair -, Instagram @weddingdaymua

It was quite a rainy day but the weather gave us a break for some outdoor wedding photography and I got some lovely shots of the bride and groom with the river Thames as their backdrop.

To see my full wedding photography portfolio click here

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Wedding Photographer - Long Furlong Barn, Worthing, West Sussex Beautiful summer wedding photography for Yasamin & Farzad at Long Furlong Barn near Worthing, West Sussex.

Long Furlong Barn is a stunning wedding venue and the staff are exceptional, I highly recommend it!

People love natural in the moment wedding photography, I love taking these images and with a little direction for the more posed group shots, It's important to  give people the room to be themselves and let their personalities saturate the image.

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Wedding Photography East Sussex A slightly rainy but fun wedding with Bryony and Liam at Hawthbush Farm in East Sussex

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Post Wedding Photography Shoot at Ashridge I had a post wedding photo shoot with a fantastic couple(Anneka & Gavin). They had a beautiful wedding abroad and weren't 100% happy with how their wedding pics turned out, so contacted me for another wedding shoot to make sure they got the images they wanted.

Here's the story of how it all came together from the bride, Anneka;

We got married in Portugal and hired a photographer out there. We weren't overly impressed with some of the shots they took and we never had a mini shoot on our own on the actual day. I'm a romantic and really wanted some lovely pictures of just us together.

Once back home, we decided why not have a separate shoot for just the two of us. We decided to hire Carl after seeing some amazing work he did for a friend's wedding. I said at the time, if we were getting married in England then we would have Carl.

The shoot was very fun! Not something you do everyday! Carl recommended we went to Ashridge, as well as Ivinghoe beacon for some amazing views.

We were both dressed in our original wedding outfits, and for me this included a huge princess style dress, and a very long veil! I must admit I was pretty nervous, especially as I knew we were bound to bump into members of the public.

I'm a pretty nervous person and get embarrassed easily but Carl put us at ease, and was great at giving us directions on how to stand and position our bodies. This was something our original photographers did not do, and some shots ended up looking really awkward. We gave Carl permission to be honest with us about what looked good and what didn't but he was such a pro, he worked his feedback in so well in a really natural way.

We had a great time, and felt sure we would get some great shots from all the different locations we went to. Especially trekking right up to the top of the beacon in a huge dress!

When we first got a few sneak previews of the images... we were absolutely blown away! I literally couldn't stop grinning as I was so happy with them! Absolutely beautiful. And then of course when we saw the rest of them, we were even happier. They were honestly better than I could have ever imagined and I'm so so happy to have those images to last a lifetime.

We would 100% recommend Carl to anyone needing a photographer to deliver images with the wow factor. Photographs are very important to me, and it's the best decision we made to have this extra shoot. Carl was such a professional, friendly and relaxed at the same time. It was a pleasure to work with him.

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Slane Castle Wedding Photography, Ireland Stephen & Runa had one hell of an epic wedding at the spectacular Slane Castle in Ireland. This a venue where The Rolling Stones and U2 have both performed to thousands.

I was in my element as a wedding photographer with such a breath taking location and couple to capture. Just from the confetti picture below you can see what an amazing time was had by all.

Mick Jagger even stayed in the bridal suite when he was performing here. I'm a big Stones fan so that was a big deal to me. 

Runa looked stunning in a beautiful Catherine Deane wedding dress.

To see my full wedding photography portfolio click here

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Fanhams Hall, Fairytale Themed Wedding Photography, Hertfordshire Fanhams Hall is a stunning wedding venue situated in Hertfordshire. Photographing a fairytale themed wedding on a beautiful summers day was a real treat. Fanhams Hall has vast grounds providing many opportunities for beautiful wedding photography.

Victoria & Nadim are a beautiful couple who were great fun to work with, as a wedding photographer I couldn't have asked for more.

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Hendall Manor Barns Wedding Photographer Hendall Manor Barns is one of the most sought after wedding venues in East Sussex. Situated in very beautiful grounds which make wonderful backdrop for wedding photography . 

Elle & Sarah looked phenomenal in their wedding dresses. The weather was initially mixed but improved as the day progressed. 

After a beautiful ceremony the two brides mingled with their guests and ate canapés. This time gave the perfect opportunity to get those candid natural images that I find clients so often love.

With so many great locations in the grounds to photograph the two brides I was spoilt for choice. Personally I think it's important to give couples the thorough final selection of work to chose from when putting an album together.

For more examples of my wedding photography including more LGBT weddings please click here

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Islington Town Hall Wedding Photography & Reception at The Londesborough I've been lucky enough to photograph a few weddings within the Council Chambers at Islington Town Hall. Most recently it was for the pre Christmas wedding of Jodie and Will.

After the wedding ceremony they walked through a rather blustery confetti tunnel on the steps of the town hall. We had time for a quick photo of the happy couple hanging off the vintage wedding bus before everyone boarded and we headed to the reception venue.

Arriving at The Londesborough, Stoke Newington, the reception party soon got under way. The Londesborough is a great venue for a wedding reception. With an open layout and a huge skylight above the dining area it is a fantastic space. Outside was a bit chilly but a good laugh photographing the bride and groom with their friends and family for the group shots.

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Couple's Shoots for Valentine's Get in touch and book your couples shoot with Carl Thomson Photography.

A location couples shoot gives so much more to images with your loved one than just being photographed in a studio. After a consultation with couples to know where they'd like to have their shoot, we will work to deliver beautiful romantic images that go beyond expectation. 

When you view your images you can also browse the beautiful presentation products available to display your favourite shots with the love of your life.

Contact us here.

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Surrey County Hall Wedding Photography Megan and Tony had a wonderful wedding at Surrey County Hall in early December. Despite the time of year it was surprisingly warm and the sky was clear throughout the day. Megan got ready with her bridesmaids at Warren House in Kingston Upon Thames where Prosecco appeared to be flowing non stop. Once ready we all headed down to Surrey County Hall for the ceremony. I hadn't photographed a wedding at Surrey County Hall before and was really blown away by the size and beauty of the place. 

I photographed all the group shots in a the huge court yard at the back of Surrey County Hall where the light was good and people could get to the bar easily. Following on from this I photographed the bride and groom together. We were even allowed to shoot in an old courtroom which is now hired by production companies for film and television. Actor Tom Hardy had shot some scenes from the film Legend there in which he plays both of the notorious Kray twins Ronnie and Reggie.

Glenmore House was our final destination for the wedding reception. I have worked here before and the staff are very helpful. 

For all wedding photography enquiries please contact me here.

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James Bond Themed Wedding Shoot, London

I was lucky enough to get a booking with a fabulous American couple to photograph a James Bond themed wedding shoot in London. Oral & Rose are from Texas and Oral is a big James Bond fan. He was after wedding photos taken in locations around London where James Bond films had been shot. Being a Bond fan myself I was delighted with the task ahead.

Oral had booked a driver to take us to the Bond locations he desired. When photographing a job like this in one of the busiest cities in the world you have to work quickly and decisively. The weather was very temperamental and to our luck it only seemed to rain when we were travelling between locations.

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Summer Wedding Photography, Ditchling, East Sussex

East Sussex has some outstanding locations and venues to tie the knot at. Louisa & Nick got married just outside Brighton in the beautiful little village of Ditchling where Louisa grew up.

After we'd photographed the group shots we headed up to the South Downs for some great couple shots that really give a feel of the outstanding beauty of this part of the uk.

It was a perfect summer wedding and a real pleasure to be their wedding photographer.

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Martin & Veronica's Fashion Wedding London Martin and Veronica were keen to have have a more fashion based look and feel to their wedding photos.

We met at their favourite cinema, The Prince Charles just off Leicester Square. The cinema even put up Martin & Veronica's initials for them in the display board which made for some great shots. Following on from this we got a cab to the Charlotte Street Hotel in Soho where we did more photos and the civil ceremony took place. To finish off we had a walk down Charlotte Street to Vagabond Wines for some pictures sat looking out from the large open window of the bar. Great day, great people, great fun! 

07794 271 592


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Destination Wedding Photography Turkey Hollie & Mark got married in Turkey, a beautiful country rich in wonderful locations to shoot an amazing wedding. 

The wedding was held at Marti Hemithea Hotel and the day was enjoyed by all.                   

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Arley Hall Summer Wedding Photographing Louise & Stephen's wedding was a real privilege. Louise looked absolutely beautiful in a stunning dress from White Mischief in Henfield.

After having their wedding service at St Andrew's Church in Louise's home town of Tarvin the wedding party headed off to Arley Hall, a place of enormous character and charm. 

The Gardens, which are amongst the finest in Britain, are outstanding for their vitality, variety and historical interest and are particularly celebrated for the magnificent double herbaceous border. The Hall is an impressive example of a Victorian country house built in the Elizabethan style.

The weather was on our side and we made the most of this outstanding location to get some lovely wedding photography.

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Winter Wedding at Weald & Downland Open Air Museum Congratulations to David and Alexandra who had a beautiful winter wedding at Weald & Downland Open Air Museum, a little bit chilly but we got some great shots. 

Click here to see my full wedding portfolio.

]]> (Carl Thomson Photography) museum weald and downland wedding photography west sussex winter wedding Tue, 20 Jan 2015 11:27:19 GMT
South Farm Summer Wedding Andrew and Lucie got married at the beautiful South Farm near Royston. The ceremony took place outside on a glorious summers day. Lucie looked absolutely stunning, i felt like I was photographing a wonderful fairytale. South Farm has many amazing locations for wedding photos and we made the most of the opportunity.

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]]> (Carl Thomson Photography) beautiful weddings outdoor wedding royston south farm summer wedding Wed, 07 Jan 2015 12:25:43 GMT
Brighton Seafront Wedding Brighton is one of my most favourite locations to shoot weddings and just to be in general. It is quite simply brilliant. On the day of this wedding the forecast was for rain which shouldn't be too much of a surprise in this country. However I'd had a very rainy engagement shoot with Alexandra and Daniel and I think we all felt we were owed a bit more than wind and rain for the big day. So it was a pleasant surprise to to have one of most beautiful wedding days of the year with sun all day long. And as you can see below we made the most of it. 

The Mercure Hotel on Brighton Seafront held the ceremony and reception, I have worked at this venue before and have found the staff to be friendly and helpful. 

After dinner I took the Alex & Dan back outside to the bandstand for some sunset pics and I'm very pleased with the results.

Alexandra and Daniel are a wonderful fun couple with amazing family and friends, I wish them both the very best for the future.

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]]> (Carl Thomson Photography) Brighton seafront bride and groom brighton beach brighton summer mercure brighton wedding photography wedding shoot Sun, 14 Dec 2014 12:55:58 GMT
Wedding Photography RAF Halton, Wendover I love films, so to shoot a wedding at a film location is a big plus for me. Charlotte and Tim's wedding was held at RAF Halton near Wendover where Charlotte's grandfather was stationed during the Second World War. Such films as The King's Speech and James Bond Tomorrow Never Dies had scenes shot here. It really is a special place. You may have read a previous blog on their engagement shoot at the same location,

On the big day Charlotte wore a beautiful Enozani dress from Butterfly Bridal Boutique in Bicester. The wedding car was a Jaguar E-Type which looked the absolute part outside Halton House with Charlotte and Tim stood next to it.

The rest of the day was a complete delight and I enjoyed every minute. Tim and Charlotte even got me a room when I finished photographing so I could have a drink and join the party. What a great couple!!


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]]> (Carl Thomson Photography) Butterfly Boutique Halton House RAF bride enozani groom james bond marriage the king's speech wedding wedding photography wendover Mon, 24 Nov 2014 15:54:48 GMT
Pre Wedding Shoot In Rainy Brighton Follow me on Facebook and Twitter


I had a pre-wedding shoot last week with the soon to be married Alex & Dan. There was a slight spanner in the works because it was pouring with rain and really windy. After an initial meeting at the The Mercure Hotel we decided to brave the rain and head to the bandstand on the seafront for some photos. Due to the nature of weather we were limited in what we could do, however as you can see we got some quite lovely images. It was raining so much I couldn't keep the rain off the lens but I like the effect it gave. The black and white shots I took inside by the window in the hotel bar and have an almost studio feel to them. I had to get that portrait of Alex in at the end because I love it so much. Now time to prepare for their wedding day!

You can view my wedding portfolio here.

To contact me just click here.


]]> (Carl Thomson Photography) bandstand brighton hotel images married mercer hotel photos portfolio portrait pre wedding rain seafront shoot studio weather wedding Tue, 13 May 2014 11:37:20 GMT
Andy Warhol Pop Art Look Ok so last week was the Tennis Girl Homage and this week I wanted to create a Pop Art look as Andy Warhol did. This was really easy to by following this YouTube video I came across so just follow that. Basically it's really easy and a fun image to get in your portfolio. Below you can see the photo I started with through to the end result. The girl in the picture is my buddy and solo singer Corrinne Williams.

Pop Art PortraitPop Art PortraitPop art portrait of Corrinne Williams based on Andy Warhol's work. Andy Warhol Pop Art HomageAndy Warhol Pop Art HomageThis pop art image of friend Corrinne Williams is a homage to Andy Warhol's work.

Here's the link to the YouTube tutorial by NowPhotoshop on how to achieve this.

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]]> (Carl Thomson Photography) andy warhol photo picture pop art youtube Sat, 10 May 2014 10:54:26 GMT
Tennis Girl Art Nude Photo Shoot Last week I photographed professional model Artemis Fauna near Bedford. My main idea for the shoot was to create a homage picture to the famous Tennis Girl photo from the seventies taken by Martin Elliott of Fiona Butler on a court at Birmingham University. 

The trick to it was to get Artemis to lift the tennis dress in such a way that it looked just right. I had purchased an original tennis dress from the seventies on eBay and borrowed an authentic wooden tennis racket from Jill at The Old Post Office Antiques in Reigate which is well worth a visit if you're in the area. 

I wanted the image to feel like it was taken from the same era but not a complete carbon copy and below you can compare the original by Elliott on the left with my black and white shot on the right.

Another reference image I brought along was a photo I took of a picture at The Hare Inn in Linslade over ten years ago and now was my time to do my version of this with Artemis. Again below you can see the original painting on the left with my photographic version modelled beautifully by Artemis on the right.

Following on from this I did some art nude shots over the banister with Artemis lying on the stairs below me, one of the images I layered with a piece of scratched metal in photoshop to give a damaged negative effect which I like a lot.

To finish off I photographed Artemis sitting on a window ledge within a huge window frame and she totally nailed it as you can see below. 

Artemis Fauna is an outstanding model who I really enjoyed working with to get these wonderful results and I can't recommend her enough.

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]]> (Carl Thomson Photography) art artemis fauna bedford black and white damaged negative famous homage metal model nude painting professional tennis girl tennis racket Fri, 09 May 2014 10:54:44 GMT
Engagement Shoot At Halton House Recently I spent a morning at Halton House photographing an engagement shoot. The setting is quite simply amazing, I had been worrying about the weather as it looked a bit hit and miss but the sun did come out to play and I got some beautiful images of a fantastic couple.

The property was also used to film some scene's from The King's Speech, The Queen and James Bond movie The World Is Not Enough.

We had a good walk round the grounds and shot a lot of pics. Engagement shoots or pre-wedding shoots can be a nice way to see how your photographer works and get to know them better.  

Charlotte & Tim wore complimentary blues which work so well together and with the location too.

This wedding is going to be epic!

If your getting married you can contact me here for a quote and view my wedding photography gallery here.


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Coupon Discount Week For All Wall Art

We're doing 20% discount this week on all products on offer in our Wall Art Gallery so have a browse and buy something special.

It's a deal, it's a steal, beautiful photography images at reduced prices. Deal ends midnight on 28th March 2014.

Coupon Code - WA-DISCOUNT 

Click HERE to visit the gallery.

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D&L Acoustic Duo - Band Photography This week I photographed The D&L Acoustic Duo consisting of singer Lizzy and guitarist Duncan Howlett. I shot the Brighton based musician's in several locations throughout the day the first being Buxted Park a stunning Palladian mansion set in beautiful East Sussex.

We were fortunate with the weather and I was able to shoot exterior shots with the duo aswell as some great interior shots within the elaborate rooms of the building.


Following on from Buxted we traveled back to Brighton to get lunch, re-energise and then hit Brighton Pier for some more outdoor shots. 

When photographing musicians or bands I like to keep the pace going not spend to long in one spot or one pose to give them a lot of options when they proof the images. Time goes very quickly on shoots and it's important to make the most of it.

Our final location was Merkabra bar in central Brighton. I like this location a lot, it feels very modern and stylish. The staff were very accommodating and we got through several different set ups. 

I enjoyed working with Lizzy and Duncan, they're great musician's and good people. They're available for all sorts of events and cover a wide variety of acoustic arrangements of contemporary and classic songs. You can contact them here.

Hair by Kim Prior

If you you're a musician and you need promotional images done then please contact me for a quote and check out my band photography gallery here.

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]]> (Carl Thomson Photography) band photography brighton buxted park classic contemporary d&l acoustic duo east sussex merkabra musician photography Fri, 21 Mar 2014 12:30:45 GMT
Daryl & Jeanette's Wedding Reception I recently photographed a wedding reception for an old school friend at The Holiday Inn near Milton Keynes. Daryl had married Jeanette in Jamaica where they had a beautiful wedding on the beach last Dec and now it was time for there big family and friends get together. The night was brilliant, everyone was a delight to photograph and I captured some lovely moments. I caught up with some old friends who I hadn't seen for many years. Below are some of my favourite images from the night.


If your getting married and want me to shoot your wedding please contact me here. I'm booking up faster than ever these days so make sure you don't miss out by leaving it too late in the day to book.

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]]> (Carl Thomson Photography) Holiday Inn Jamaica Milton Keynes beautiful family friends images married photograph photographed reception school friend wedding Sun, 09 Mar 2014 10:30:16 GMT
Picnic At Hanging Rock I shot this these images in Derbyshire with the model wearing a 1940's wedding dress which was my Grandmother's and last worn in 1949. The inspiration from this shoot came from the film Picnic At Hanging Rock, an Australian film directed by Peter Weir which was released in 1975. It's a haunting beautiful film and I hope I've emulated some of that feeling in these images.

Model - Georgia Melia

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]]> (Carl Thomson Photography) 1940's 1975 australian beautiful derbyshire haunting images inspiration model peter weir picnic at hanging rock wedding dress Fri, 07 Mar 2014 14:56:29 GMT
Photo Of The Day! This week on January 21st I was lucky enough to have one of my images chosen as photo of the day by Professional Photographer Magazine. I shot this image of a bride for a Trash The Dress shoot with the idea of giving the photos a fairy tale look. I'd shot the model's wedding a few months before during summer in Brighton and this was taken during late November but it was surprisingly warm on this day day so she wasn't too cold.  Photo Of The DayPhoto Of The DayPublished image by Professional Photographer Magazine from a Trash The Dress shoot. Stanmer Park, Trash The Dress, SussexStanmer Park, Trash The Dress, SussexTrash The Dress shoot at Stanmer Park near Brighton, Sussex.
Please contact me here for all fashion photography enquiries.
I am now based in Cannes on the French Riviera and also cover Nice and Monaco.

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]]> (Carl Thomson Photography) Professional Photographer Magazine bride model photo of the day published trash the dress wedding Thu, 23 Jan 2014 13:35:20 GMT
Time To Book Your Wedding Photographer? I get a kick out of shooting weddings, they're a lot of fun, everyone's in a good mood and this makes for a great atmosphere to shoot in. This year is looking even more crowded in the diary so please get in contact should you want me to photograph your wedding.

I'm primarily based in the South East covering Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, London, Kensington, Reigate, Surrey, Brighton and Sussex.

The wedding image below was published and short listed in the category "weddings" for the professional photographer of the year awards 2013.

I have a relaxed appraoch to my work and on a wedding day with this attitude and my professional photographic experience I capture the key moments to the day. 

My rates are very competitive and also negotiable as every wedding is different.

To book an appointment please contact me here.


]]> (Carl Thomson Photography) booking wedding photographer Mon, 20 Jan 2014 11:50:43 GMT
Zodiac Fashion Shoot for Make & Believe Magazine Gemma-Taylor-Fashion-Photographer-Cannes-Nice-MonacoGemma-Taylor-Fashion-Photographer-Cannes-Nice-MonacoPhotograph published by Make & Believe Magazine for a feature on Zodiac.

Sylist - Danielle Christina
Make Up - Rebecca Herniman
Hair - Miss Bootique
Model - Gemma Taylor
Please contact me here for all fashion photography enquiries.
I am now based in Cannes on the French Riviera and also cover Nice and Monaco.
I recently photographed a Zodiac themed fashion shoot for Make & Believe Magazine. The shoot was organised by creative director and fashion editor for the magazine, Daniella Christina.

With the theme of the shoot based on timing, Daniella chose to shoot at a clock shop in Brighton which is the only one in the country. Oliver's Clock Shop is a fascinating place full of old antique clocks ranging from grandfather clocks to pocket watches. 

Due to the amount of clocks in the shop it is quite tight for space and ironically we didn't have much time to shoot in. However we shot some great fashion photography, our model was the beautiful Gemma Taylor who looked stunning in the outfits.

Following on from here we ventured to The Lion And Lobster Pub which was relatively near by to shoot a couple more outfits despite it being a busy Saturday afternoon.

The clothing used was from designers Louise O'Mahony, Beksies Boutique and Daniella Christina.

Stylist - Daniella Christina

Make Up - Rebecca Herniman

Hair - Miss Bootique

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To see the full collection of images go to Make & Believe Magazine

]]> (Carl Thomson Photography) clock creative fashion shoot hair make and believe magazine make up model photography time zodiac Sun, 12 Jan 2014 19:29:00 GMT
Corporate Photography Milton Keynes I recently photographed some executives for a large company in the Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire area. We discussed the set up and they wanted casual head shots taken outside their office with the company logo in the back ground. We had looked at the weather forecast and it was due to be a clear day, which it was. It was late November though and pretty chilly so I needed to work fast so they didn't get too cold while I photographed them.

Corporate headshot photography is a style of portraiture I learnt when I used to work as a press photographer. 


]]> (Carl Thomson Photography) corporate photography headshot milton keynes Wed, 18 Dec 2013 10:19:23 GMT
Graveyard Photography with Betty Nails My most recent shoot was at a Graveyard in St. Nicolas Rest Garden, central Brighton. My subject was Betty NailsBrighton based alternative neo-burlesque performer and model. She's quite petite and very beautiful as you can see. The inspiration for the shoot came from the film The Crow starring Brandon Lee.

Betty is wearing a steampunk corset, lace knickers, seamed hold ups and f@%k off spiked boots.

It's pretty cold to be doing this sort of shoot at night in December so we had to be quick, Betty is a great model and I'm really happy with what we achieved here. I look forward to working with her again(when it's warmer).

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To book a shoot you can contact me here.

]]> (Carl Thomson Photography) alternative brandon lee brighton graveyard lace knickers model neo-burlesque performer photography seamed hold ups spiked boots steampunk corset the crow Fri, 13 Dec 2013 13:10:40 GMT
Photo Vogue on Brighton Beach Last week I had two images featured on the Vogue Italia website. The first a winter shot from a while back where the West Pier is under heavy snow with my model wearing a full length yellow coat which really pops against the white surroundings. I had to get up early to shoot this so the beach wasn't too busy. Definitely worth it. Very festive, especially with the little snowman in shot.

March 2015March 2015 The second image featured by Vogue Italia was taken not far from the above image but at a different time of year. The model is Susan Hinman. I think we had a bit of a struggle climbing up there, the latex was a bit restricting for her. However we got this very cool landscape/fashion image.

To see my fashion portfolio click here and for any further information regarding fashion photography you can contact me here.

Below are screen cuttings from the Vogue Italia site.

]]> (Carl Thomson Photography) beach brighton fashion model photo vogue photography vogue italia Mon, 09 Dec 2013 15:32:19 GMT
Band Photography - The Bonnie Bootleggers My latest band shoot was with The Bonnie Bootleggers an all swinging all dancing all female prohibition flapper band from the roaring twenties. The lead singer Corrinne Williams is an established solo artist focusing on all vintage era's from the 1920's - late 1950's appearing at major venues such as Love Supreme Festival, Proud Cabaret and O2 Sheperd's Bush Empire.

Corrinne set this band up to take the world by storm. Even with the project being brand new The Bonnie Bootleggers are gaining phenomenal interest.

Having worked with Corrinne several times over the last few years, we have developed a great working relationship which has benefitted us both. Below are some images we collaborated on in the past.

Before the main shoot with the whole band Corrinne and I shot at the location with her in costume so we could get a feel for what we wanted. We were able to shoot in the upstairs of The Mesmerist bar and restaurant in the centre of Brighton, Sussex. It's a great location we had used a couple of years before as you can see in one of the images above that got published in Professional Photographer Magazine last year, which was great. The rooms are quite dark but there's enough light from the windows to shoot without flash. Below are some shots of Corrinne in her 20's flapper gear that we took a couple of weeks before the main band shoot.

Fashion-Photgrapher-Brighton-Cannes-Nice-MonacoFashion-Photgrapher-Brighton-Cannes-Nice-MonacoPlease contact me here for all fashion photography enquiries.
I am now based in Cannes on the French Riviera and also cover Nice and Monaco.

Styled Makeover Portrait Shoot, Brighton, SussexStyled Makeover Portrait Shoot, Brighton, SussexBook Brighton & Sussex photographer Carl Thomson for your portrait makeover shoot on 07794 271 592 We were very pleased with the results and ready for the main band shoot to take place. Corrinne had organised three excellent hair and makeup artists Louise Bush Hair Stylist, Sarah Vickery, Make Up Artist and Nicola of Pretty Pout Parlour. I usually work solo but due to the scale of the shoot decided another pair of eye's and hands would be beneficial and brought in the help of Jason Balchin to assist me. 
The shoot went very well and the band looked stunning. We did several different set ups and below you can see the results.
In the image above from left to right is Holly Walter, Miranda Gunn, Corrinne Williams, Calie Hough and Lindsey Oliver. Fascinators from Fancier Feathers.
If you're in a band or a musician that needs some creative photos taking, contact me and check out my other band and music photography here.
]]> (Carl Thomson Photography) band photography brighton creative fascinators musician sussex the bonnie bootleggers the mesmerist Wed, 04 Dec 2013 21:02:08 GMT
Photographing Weddings In The Rain In this country the weather is somewhat unpredictable. To deal with these wet situations you need to be prepared. I've had down pours at weddings in mid July and late Dec there is no real safe zone. When discussing details of the wedding day with your happy couple make sure you bring this to their attention. You can organise provisions should there be a down pour and you need to shoot inside. 

It's not all doom and gloom though, taking some coloured umbrella's along can mean you get some great shots if your bride and groom are happy to brave it outside for a short while for their wedding photography.

A good tip which benefitted me In the above image with the VW Beatle and the below image at Houghton House is to charm the driver into holding an umbrella over you while you shoot so you don't get too wet.

In some instances the rain can be a blessing in disguise, for example when I was shooting a wedding in mid July on a Saturday on Brighton sea front the rain cleared the beach of people. When it stopped I took the bride and groom down to the sea and it looked like it was just them on the beach. Had it been a nice day I would never have got those images without thousands of tourists cluttering my shots. 


]]> (Carl Thomson Photography) photographing weddings rain wedding photography Tue, 26 Nov 2013 11:31:44 GMT
Professional Photographer Of The Year Awards 2013 (Category Weddings) This year I was short listed in the top 20 of the category weddings for the Professional Photographer Of The Year Awards. The image selected was taken on Brighton Pier at the end of a summers day in mid August. I was familiar with location and had a great couple to work with. The Pier was quit busy and I need to pick right moment to give the impression they had the place to themselves.

Below is another summer image taken on the Pier from a civil partnership I'd photographed in a previous year.

Take a look at my full wedding gallery and feel free to contact me should you need any further information.


]]> (Carl Thomson Photography) awards brighton pier professional photographer wedding photography Wed, 20 Nov 2013 15:09:21 GMT