Tennis Girl Art Nude Photo Shoot

May 09, 2014

Last week I photographed professional model Artemis Fauna near Bedford. My main idea for the shoot was to create a homage picture to the famous Tennis Girl photo from the seventies taken by Martin Elliott of Fiona Butler on a court at Birmingham University. 

The trick to it was to get Artemis to lift the tennis dress in such a way that it looked just right. I had purchased an original tennis dress from the seventies on eBay and borrowed an authentic wooden tennis racket from Jill at The Old Post Office Antiques in Reigate which is well worth a visit if you're in the area. 

I wanted the image to feel like it was taken from the same era but not a complete carbon copy and below you can compare the original by Elliott on the left with my black and white shot on the right.

Another reference image I brought along was a photo I took of a picture at The Hare Inn in Linslade over ten years ago and now was my time to do my version of this with Artemis. Again below you can see the original painting on the left with my photographic version modelled beautifully by Artemis on the right.

Following on from this I did some art nude shots over the banister with Artemis lying on the stairs below me, one of the images I layered with a piece of scratched metal in photoshop to give a damaged negative effect which I like a lot.

To finish off I photographed Artemis sitting on a window ledge within a huge window frame and she totally nailed it as you can see below. 

Artemis Fauna is an outstanding model who I really enjoyed working with to get these wonderful results and I can't recommend her enough.

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