Andy Warhol Pop Art Look

May 10, 2014

Ok so last week was the Tennis Girl Homage and this week I wanted to create a Pop Art look as Andy Warhol did. This was really easy to by following this YouTube video I came across so just follow that. Basically it's really easy and a fun image to get in your portfolio. Below you can see the photo I started with through to the end result. The girl in the picture is my buddy and solo singer Corrinne Williams.

Pop Art PortraitPop Art PortraitPop art portrait of Corrinne Williams based on Andy Warhol's work. Andy Warhol Pop Art HomageAndy Warhol Pop Art HomageThis pop art image of friend Corrinne Williams is a homage to Andy Warhol's work.

Here's the link to the YouTube tutorial by NowPhotoshop on how to achieve this.

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